We build our vehicles
fit for purpose

We know that the world needs a rapid shift to sustainable mobility, and commercial vehicles play an important part in that. Besides cutting carbon emissions, our goal is to reduce pollutants, such as CO and Nox and to reduce noise emissions in cities.


Throughout our production process sustainability is our focal point.

By eliminating traditional manufacturing processes, such as pressing and painting, (which also highly contaminate the environment), we create disruptive production that focuses on sustainability, energy efficiency and minimizing its environmental impact.


The body

The body of the vehicle is manufactured from a steel and aluminum frame hybrid construction, that is clad by recyclable, durable and resistant ABS PMMA panels. Not only are these materials highly sustainable, but they also offer economic benefits, because the panels are solid-colored and unpainted, as the material is highly repellent to scrapes and dents.

The panels

The panels are easily replaceable and contribute substantially to a longer lifecycle of the vehicle. The complete vehicle is designed for an easy exchange of wear parts to allow a full second life after an overhaul. As all vehicles are based on the same MOOVE platform, these can easily be adapted to another use-case, should the second life require this.

The Platform



The Platform




We offer different battery pack sizes, each designed to fit its specific use-case and purpose, which can also be exchanged throughout the use-cycle should the use-case change. The design of our batteries goes together with optimizing the ecological footprint throughout the battery lifecycle. At the end of the lifecycle, the batteries will be recycled and utilized as storage for renewable power systems.